Have you noticed that some women have the magical ability of looking absolutely beautiful, every single day? These women could be anyone from the girl who sits next to you at work to your school friend. Some women have a very famously known secret that helps them look perfectly put together all the time. What’s the secret you ask? The secret is the art of accessorizing their outfit. Don’t we all want to look as good as Rachel and Monica from the famous sitcom Friends or our very own starlets, Priyanka Chopra or Alia Bhatt? One thing common among all of these lovely ladies, is that they know how to accessorize to accentuate.

Swarovski elements jewellery, Acsentials
Swarovski elements jewellery

You can be a pro at accessorizing as well, all you have to do is just know how to work with a few very helpful tips and tricks. Let’s start off with the basics here, first come the colour. This step being basic, you have to go back to the elementary way of life. All you have to remember is the primary colours and those colours that are their complementary counterparts. Once you’ve figured out that part, pairing your accessories with your outfit will be a breeze. When wearing pastel colour or block colour like white, cream or black, remember to go absolutely colourful with accessories. For instance you decide to wear a straight cut black dress to your office, then pairing it with this Ice Blue Pendant Necklace made with Elements from Swarovski will be the perfect choice.

Swarovski element Pendant, Acsentials
Swarovski element Pendant

Another important must-remember fact about accessorizes is knowing how to pair them with your outfit perfectly. Say you are wearing a dress with puffed up collars and sequined sleeves and if you decide to wear layered necklaces over it, then you are definitely making a faux paus. Always remember to ensure that you wear understated accessories, while wearing an overly busy outfit. So if you happen to choose a sequined or patterned dress, or an outfit with flared up sleeves or a colourful jumpsuit with zig zag patterns, go for simpler necklaces and pendants. For instance wear this Grey Mystique Pendant made with elements from Swarovski and team it up with the same jumpsuit to look minimalistic, yet sophisticated.

Blue Brick Pendant, Swarovski element, Acsentials
Blue Brick Pendant made with Elements from Swarovski

Accessories have the immense power of making your outfit go from being a boring one, to an extremely interesting ensemble. The best advice that most of the fashion gurus follow and give, is to develop your very own style. While of course being inspired by someone else’s fashion statements is great, but developing your own original style is extremely rejuvenating and amazing too. Start off by dividing your accessories and putting them under different categories, for example have a set of work accessories, upscale do accessories, formal accessories and chunky accessories. Once you are done compartmentalizing these, ensure that you also have the go-along with anything kind of accessories. For instance this Blue Brick Pendant made with Elements from Swarovski. You can go ahead and team it up with any normal day wear and can also layer it with a shorter necklace to have a beautiful effect on your dress. These days you can buy a great variety of Swarovski elements crystal pendants online for your various fashion purposes.

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