As the year clocks to February, accept it or not, there is something romantic happening in all of our minds. How much ever people detest the feeling of Valentine’s, we all get some butterflies in our stomachs which makes us tune into melodramatic moods, a hidden hope for a lover’s confession or just an excuse to make a special day.

While so much buzzes around our cities and on social media to make this a necessary love affair day, Acsentials has some very unique suggestions to add a little twist to it.

Where all of us are so busy in our life that even talking to our closed ones gets listed on things-to-do. We are so tied down by our professionalism that despite seeing ourselves everyday in the mirror, we don’t meet ourselves.

Acsentials recommends you to consider this day as a break from this clutter and rejoice the power of self love, of love in the calls from our parents, of love in the fights of our siblings, of love which is ofcourse involving romance but also extending to other beautiful forms of love. And while you do so also add some tokens in your expression, here’s how…

    • To self love:

Dear Individual, its time to express love to yourself. Life is more than the validation required by others. Explore little things that make you happy and ideate how can you have a date with your inner self.

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    • To motherly love:

Mothers are the first symbol of love. They promise to love you the moment they discover you’re a part of them, unconditional isn’t it? Which becomes so much of a default that we take it for granted. Pack your bags and set out for a special day with your mother beloved.

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    • To Fathers:

Unlike moms, fathers live in the backside of our lives. Their love is your comforts for which they direct all their energies and efforts. When was the last time you thanked your father for all his little big contributions, for making you his prince or princesses?

This valentine’s upscale your love expressions to the first love of your lives.

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    • To siblings rivalry/love:

Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues, spouses all join our lives much later. Siblings are our constants from the very beginning. They have no inhibitions when they exercise control on you, for they are so much like you are. Devote this day to cherish all those nasty remote fights and getting-late-to-school blame games.

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    • To Soulmates/friends:

That one person who understands you in and out, or those people who celebrate your first job before you got your first salary. Friends do little things that make life so elaborate. Pick one such friend who hasn’t received your much deserved attention.

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  • To true love:

Finally arriving to the point of ultimate passionate love- Your special someone. Given this day is devoted to this, there’s less to explain and more to do. So go as cliché as possible and say ‘be my valentine’.

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Embark all kinds of love, and don’t forget the love of shopping too :p

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